Our sister company, manufacturing some of the most creative shape in the climbing hold industry.

From concept, to finished product, Binary proudly shape and produce their holds in house. This ensures their ability to deliver high quality holds, with exceptional service and a responsive timeline. Since 2014, the Binary team has been dedicated to creating clean, uncluttered shapes with complex applications.

Check out all Binary holds product at www.binaryholds.com

Another one of our sister company, the GO TO padding system for your Bouldering & Rope Climbing walls. At Flashed, they have spent years defining the industry standard for commercial gym padding. Flashed innovative approach to materials, design, and testing— along with their unwavering commitment to improving the climbing experience —results in world-class products, every time.

Learn more about Flashed padding solutions at www.flashed.com

Magic Lab has undergone many projects
for clients large and small.

Check out pictures of some our completed work!