Each customer has unique needs, and to serve these needs we provide a variety of wall finishes.

  • BB Tex – Clean and natural baltic birch wall
  • Diamond Tex – Highlight the organic grain through clean lines and stunning diamond-oriented panels
  • Facet Tex – Sophisticated designs for those seeking a highly aesthetic look and organic topography. Please note that additional frame support and special flooring considerations may be required for your Facet Tex wall.
  • Boulder Tex – Like the above option, this wall finish showcases a highly aesthetic look and organic topography, with minimal visible connection points.

Custom staining or painting options also available.



Using advanced CAD/CAM design and modern CNC robotic fabrication equipment and techniques, we are able to produce and precisely fit climbing walls.

BB wood for climbing walls is the the industry standard due to its durability and structural integrity. Magic Lab likes to take this industry standard one step further and bring out the organic and natural wood grained characteristics to produce a surface that can bring out the colours of holds and make climbing visually appealing.

Flashed creates highly functional flooring solutions using advanced computerized measuring equipment to make a flooring system that would meet the demand of almost any climbing facility’s needs. This is a system that is preferable if the flooring needs to be moved or taken out for whatever reason. The mats can be made to any size or shape and are connected with a wide Velcro strip.

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Too aggressive, holds dirt and shoe rubber. Too durable, often produces holds that can loosen or spin. TexWall is the perfect combination of durability and performance.

Custom CNC Volumes – Choose from pre-designed volumes or work with us to design a shape that suits your specific need. (Please Inquire)

Challenge your climbers and engage their creativity by using a wide variety of holds available from one of Western Canada’s only climbing hold manufacturer, Binary Holds.

  • Each packages come with 10-15 locally made holds per panel. (approx 1 hold every 2 sqft)
  • Custom route setting services. (age specific options available)
  • Detailed activities and games for developing climbing skills are available.
Visit Binary for additional hold options.



Our engineered mats are designed and manufactured using AutoCAD drawings of your wall and are guaranteed to work around the unique angles and challenges of your facility.

  • Modular mats double as wall coverings to discourage unsupervised climbing when the wall is not in use.
  • Our durable vinyl covering is very hygienic as spills, sweat, and dirt can be mopped clean.
  • Each mat is 4’x6’6”x6”.
  • Includes a closure system that can be locked, additional Velcro joining strips, and a “Do Not Climb” label exposed when wall is not in use.
Visit Flashed for color options.



Those appointed as Instructor must be aware that they are responsible for the safety of their students. They have similar responsibilities as if they were supervising any other school related activity, plus the added responsibility of supervising climbing wall activities. As part of their training, teachers instructing and supervising students climbing on the climbing walls must have completed the approved course.

According to these guidelines, all teachers must take part in the training offered by the wall Administrator and/or Climbing Wall Manager before using the climbing wall.
Allow us to train your staff in proper instruction and coaching techniques. Our CWA/ACMG Instructors provide:
  • Instructor handbook
  • Physical skill and movement coaching
  • Route setting and wall maintenance training
  • Climbing exercises and games

The Climbing Wall Owner (yourself) will be responsible for coordinating the climbing wall and equipment inspections once every two years. The inspection will be done by a qualified provider. A physical review of the equipment, climbing walls and operations will be conducted. A report will be issued to document the check. This report will be used as reference by the school to take note and action.

Our wall inspections will ensure that your climbing structures and equipment are in top condition. Our inspectors conduct thorough safety inspections and will provide a detailed report complete with pictures, action items, and suggestions, as required.

Our reporting services cost $115/hour.



Gym/Wall Design & Management

Whether you are building a climbing gym from the ground up, or a traverse wall for your community center, we have the experience, and expertise to help start your project right the first time. Our team holds decades of active experience in the industry, drawing from large brands like Flashed, Binary, and the Calgary Climbing Centre.

Our strong roots in operations management, routesetting, and instruction can ensure your space planning is best suited for your sustainable requirements.

Magic Lab has undergone many projects for clients large and small. Check out pictures of some our completed work!

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